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Gluten Free

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Dairy, Eggs & Cheese

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Whole Milk - 1 GAL
Large Brown Eggs - Dozen
Whipped Cream Cheese
Whole Milk - 1/2 GAL
Coconut & Almond Creamer Vanilla
Parmesan Reggiano
Whole Milk - 1 QT
Reduced Fat Milk 2 %, 1/2 Gallon
Half & Half - 1 QT
Fat Free Half & Half - 16 OZ
Organic Heavy Whipping Cream, 1 pt

Snacks & Candy

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Movie Theater Popcorn
Ghost Pepper Potato Chips
Organic Blue Corn Tortilla Chips
Corn, Pea, Bean & Quinoa Crisps
Veggie Sticks
Dark Chocolate Covered Mini Pretzels
French Crepes Wafer Cookies
Chocolatey Coated Chocolate Chip Cookies
Almond Windmill Cookies
Worlds Puffiest White Cheddar Corn Puffs
White Truffle Popcorn

Frozen Foods

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Cauliflower Gnocchi
Chicken Fried Rice
Chicken Tikka Samosas
Greek Spanakopita Spinach and Cheese Pie
Mandarin Style Orange Chicken Bowl
Colorful Carrot Coins
Frozen Blueberries
Handsome Cut Potato Fries
4 Formaggi Pizza
Burrata, Prosciutto  & Arugula Flatbread
Organic 3 Cheese Pizza
Organic Family Size Organic Cheese Pizza